Your Android smartphone probably has a lot of power. It can drain a battery in no time if you do certain tasks. You still want to be able to make calls with it, so what do you do ? If you have been asking; “How do I make my battery last longer ? read here on some quick tips to saving battery life on your Android handset.

Little did you know that the powerful processor in your hot new Android smartphone is one of the biggest battery hogs. Not only that, if you did not buy one with the newer AMOLED display technology, you are wasting even more battery juice. You need to talk on the phone, not just use it to crunch emails and video. No worries. The internet is here to help.

You already know the biggest battery drain is the calls you make. That is not what this article is about. Android comes with a setting program that tells you what your smartphone has been doing with the battery. You find it in the menus. Go to “Settings”, “about phone” then “battery use”. You will be able to see exactly what has been using the most battery juice.

One of the first things to turn down is the backlight on your Android smartphone. If you leave this wide open, it will be one celeb sex tape of the biggest battery hogs. You change it by heading to the “Settings” menu again. There you will see the “display” and from there you can change things.

Your Android smartphone is set up to scan for Wi-Fi networks automatically. This also uses up precious battery juice. You can turn it off in the menus. The same “Settings” page has a “Wireless and Networks” section and then enables “Airplane Mode”. While you are there, go back to a page to the “Wireless and Networks” page and disable bluetooth. If you are not using a bluetooth-enabled headset, or any other device, there is no reason for it to be on eating up battery life.

If you get tired of running through the menus so much, turning things off and back on, there is a better way. Android can make a widget for you to make this faster. Give the homescreen a long press and then choose “Widget” and “Power Control”. Add this widget you just created to the home screen, and you will be good to go.

Not many know that their screensaver or wallpaper can use up needless battery juice. An Android smartphone is no different. Get rid of the fancy wallpaper and just display the generic screen without pictures. You will have a longer lasting battery this way. Yes, it is boring, but if it is necessary, you have to do it.

One more tip to make your battery last longer. Disable email synchronization. This can eat more battery juice for nothing, since you can synchronize manually. In the menus, go to your email, go to your account, then choose “account settings”. You will see “email” there. Select it and then check out how many times it is set up to synchronize. Change it to “never” or however, often is absolutely necessary.

You can also disable the automatic settings for social networks like Twitter and Facebook. You can also disable the GPS settings. Ultimately, run a task manager to see everything you have been running on your Android smartphone. It may save you a lost call from a dead battery.